Brain Damage

Brain Damage

I tend to get the title of a NERD, it sounds much more attractive than being called a Development Manager or a staff software engineer. So, though waiting for that coveted title on myself, i keep reading And one of the things i read in Slashdot is the news that somebody somewhere in the world has designed a program that can understand various sounds and how it might help us know more about how the brain handles the language acquisition. Here’s that link to the article.

Now i started thinking. With our rapid understanding of so many things (without understanding why we want to understand) the stage is set for a huge comic relief for those souls (like me) who dont want to understand too many things.

I just want to travel in a time machine to figure out what will be result of all the knowledge gained by humans and what happens during the implementation …

Lets set some assumptions here:

1) Brain is not going to give away sooner to humans 🙂 .. Means its going to take sometime to reveal the brain to the brainy. 50/100 years or so may be
2) Apparently, i have read somewhere that on an average, ppl tend to be really stingy with the usage of the brain. 2% could be the average utilisation. This is very scarce usage even when compared with the scantest clad hollywood actress presenting in the academy award or the intelligence of George Bush 🙂 (Am i getting applauded by folks out there that somebody in the world agreed that Bush has brains .. mine is not working now i guess)
3) 100000++ patents on the understanding of brain. And as usual the universal patents department has declared that patent filing on brain related matters is closed as the brain has been completely understood.

Lot of brain applications/brain customisations have sprouted almost everywhere. And apparently USA and UK are great markets for these new technologies.

What all can happen????