Forms of Shiva


For quite sometime now, i am interested in getting to know various forms of Shiva. I love visiting temples, pretty old ones in that, mostly in Tamilnadu. The main intent is to go around the temple and look for rare forms of Shiva and capture the image. Also, recently i bought two books on the same subject.

  1. Uttara Kaamika Aagamam – Aagamam is all about rules. Rules on land selection for temples, construction of temple, Definition of each and every deity in terms of the appearance, Architectural inputs on the dimensions of various forms, placement of various deities in/out the temple, Rituals to perform, Different types of renovations for the temples, Kumbhabhishekam (Term for energizing/re-energizing of the temple premises with the divine powers amongst others.
  2. “Sindhai niraikkum siva vadivangal” – On the various forms of shiva with ample quote from various puranas.

Having said that, my endaevour is to mix these two sources and capture the essence. The former one is about the grammar of everything whereas the latter will be the actual forms as i have captured in various temples. Of course i have borrowed as well.

Its been in my thoughts for quite sometime now. Hopefully this will blossom fully.

I have provided the scanned image of the book cover of Agamam. Most of the content will be from this one.



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